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  • when you ask me if you are a good father & cook up meets god

    look     we know how this will play out
  • Where the Robins Took Me and Northern Flicker

    Robins settle on the earth
  • Which Makes Me, I Guess, the Muddy Colorado

    What we learn from most pornography is
  • While

    While we were kissing that year, the icebergs were sleeping,
  • While Another Dove Nude into the Breakers

    One talked with a talisman
  • Whirlybird & Poets

    This whirlybird
  • white paper #46

    Obama Waffles Mix
  • White Zinfandel

    Again last night I dreamed the dream called Waiter.
  • Who Are You?

    who are you? the effect of well fed herds?
  • WHO did the blue school

    who bruised the wound
  • Who Pays

    Lord I have eaten and I don’t
  • Whose Sky, Between | Rape of America. So, it appears

    A name that meant sound of an owl’s hard fall, another day of blood gunned to al