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  • A Brief Portfolio

    have heard through some trembling of their web
  • A Brief Portfolio

    I was in sixth grade when I twirled Stephanie Comb’s
  • A Brief Portfolio

    A detail like a grave
  • A Brief Portfolio

    Not built to just do it
  • A Brief Portfolio of Selected Poems by Yves Bonnefoy translated by Hoyt Rogers

    I admire the definition of poetry in Beasts, Men, and Gods, the inexhaustible book by Ossendowski.
  • A Brief Portfolio of Six Poems

    The pond flattered the foliage,
  • A Brief Portfolio of Six Poems

    told us Hollywood was a verb on the painted stretcher &    fretting,
  • A Brief Portfolio: Five Poems

    I found this suitcase slumped in a dark attic corner
  • A Brief Portfolio: Heaney in an Irish Pub & Other Poems

    Heaney in an Irish Pub, Washington, DC, Hunger, In the Bishop's Garden:  Hide and Seek and Lost in China
  • A Canticle Rehearsal in The Temple and The Waters Do Not Return, Even to Meribà

    Oh, I am tired of my land,
  • A Catalogue

    You wrote me a letter in a very fast hand
  • A Controlled Substance

    My brother is late again, somehow the glass