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  • A Girl Who Doesn’t Believe in Myths & I Have No One With Whom I Can Spit Toothpaste At Turns Into The Sink

    we went to the prophetess
  • A God | A Poet | “Facesti come quei che va di notte…” | The Mocking of Ceres

    Here lies a god who was obtuse, just like us.
  • A Habitation of Jackals, a Court for Ostriches

    Very dark now I put a seed in my mouth but its texture and taste
  • A Heresy Sublime

    An artist whom I’ve met is Dürer,
  • A Hole in My Backyard

    I get very nervous, I admit.
  • A Lean-to at the End of the Galaxy

    You fire a fiction deep into my brain
  • A Love Letter from Larkin | Chemotherapy

    Dearest, while waiting for my cheese to melt
  • A Love Poem While Dissolving

    I’m trying to say I love you, but Buckminster Fuller declared
  • A Meeting

    Of all the disappointments

    It was late in the year and late in the day,
  • A Nocturnal Upon Saint Charles Yeager’s Day

    Here comes that sonic boom
  • A Nun to be Named

    I’ve been thinking about the nun who wouldn’t let me pee in fifth grade.