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  • Calendars Do Not Hold Fortunes

    One day you're old and thankful. One day
  • Ever Wish We’d Gone Beyond Being Friends? and My Auto Dealership

    You asked. I’m remembering the vacation island
  • Snow Day, by Jerome Sala

    The camera in the other room points and clicks
  • the midwest sheds its skin

    & leaves it clinging to a fence post
  • The Poets

    They are farmers, really--
  • An Island

    Toward the end of the island

    Its smell didn't wake my husband
  • From Rainer Maria Rilke’s Die Sonette an Orpheus / The Sonnets to Orpheus translated from German by John Rosenwald

    O fountain-mouth, you gift-giver, you mouth
  • from Landscapes on a Train

    There once was a church. There once was a steeple. These things fall into
  • Crow Poison

    stumbled drunkenly
  • A Nocturnal Upon Saint Charles Yeager’s Day

    Here comes that sonic boom
  • Three Poems

    These dead again and again