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  • Voyager parable and Parable of the Little Ghost

    Today I am downhearted meaning sunken meaning mired
  • The Gifts

    The closet where the black sweaters hang. Where the game of backgammon is played
  • New Math

    Out of the place I knew,
  • Signaling to You

    You live with a young leopard and a poem levitating in the gravitational landscape.
  • Houses

    Under the cold light of the chintzy white crown chandelier, I’d lean one upright card again
  • God-Box

    They give us a white cube, a paper box,
  • July Saturday Night 

    Now I’m going to walk downtown to Cape Tip Sportswear
  • Excerpts from Little Goldie in America

    One more day, one more hour, play the good pig.
  • Regular Arithmetic

    My sister says, all men are insecure,
  • The Child and I

    I wanted to go fishing one day,

    I am walking along the dazzling ruin of a road I knew

    nothing but blue