Issue #51 September 2015


    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 51 – September: Our fifty-first first issue! As you see, at last, now, our…

    Editors Note
  • A Few Years After a Death

    Toward sunfall, when I begin to count
  • As It Happens

    As it happens, there was nothing left, so much to do, a plethora
  • The Good Hand

    Often, without warning, my left hand
  • Gusto

    Skin the asparagus for their lives,
  • The Last Orgasm

    Sometimes I think of the innocent live
  • Let Me Hear You

    I am the disappearing point of an inverted pyramid
  • The Mystery

    The mystery of our time
  • Self-Portrait to Be Used in Meditation | 22 | Chesty Morgan and Her Crazy-Ass Titties

    I have a live owl in my mouth instead of words;

    Said he had some hard sledding to do.
  • The Elms | For the Collection

    Workers were cut; had to be done for . . . corporations
  • Uncle

    Here is the man who tells you
  • The Wayfarer

    One must turn thoughts
  • Adam Tavel: Catafalque

     NM: Your poems in this selection are in traditional or variations of traditional form, as are many of your poems…

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