Issue #111 November 2020

Catherine Panebianco, “Momaid”, from No Memory is Ever Alone

  • “Alias” by Eric Pankey reviewed by Mark Wagenaar

    Alias Eric Pankey Free Verse Editions, Parlor Press 2020   Not to be confused with the television show of the…

    Book Review
  • Before Summer Rain

    Then, out of the green of the grove,
  • On Queer Poetics, Writing Courageously, and Becoming Otherwise: An Interview with Nomi Stone by Amanda Newell

    I'm interested in the ways in which your poetry contemplates the relationship between the self and the community and the ways in which community shapes identity.
    Featured Selection
  • Greenbaum, Collins and Dolin, et. al.

    Jessica Greenbaum on “Why I Started Writing a Novel”:   One of the voices in my poems might be the…

    Editors Note
  • Winter Morning and Ceci n’est pas un pot

    I can easily imagine someone always doubting before he opened his front door whether
  • The Edson Letters by Peter Johnson

    As Russell Edson’s close friend and faithful correspondent during the last twenty five years of his life, Peter Johnson initiated…

    Essays and Comment
  • Lamentations

    America    more guns    more    than us
  • Zone 

    This ancient world finally leaves you weary
  • Why I Started Writing a Novel

    Earlier today I started writing a novel out of the simple
  • Communion

    Yes, I will take home the meeting bread,
  • House of Sorrow, Vessel of Anarchy, I Will Not Name It Except to Say, Golem

    Once I made a box to put a man in.
  • Two poems by Muyaka bin Haji, (1776—1840)

    When she lays eggs, they’re not nurtured even if brooding them succeeds.
  • A Brief Portfolio

    When Doris the hen
  • Hanger

    You needed one
  • Using these questions, would you please write a brief description of yourself?

    My favorite creature is the tree porcupine.
  • Embryo

    All morning, pitting the apricots
  • St. Bonaventure and Spring Birthday Romance

    Merton’s last stop in the world
  • She said she saw, Maya Lin and At night, I tried

    She said she saw her own veins