Readers:   April: my birthday month: the 19th. I tell you this not to elicit congratulations or condolences (61!), nor to observe the tragic events which lately have plagued this star-crossed date: Waco and the Oklahoma City bombings. Terrifying, incomprehensible. Yet: one recalls Braudel’s observation: “Events are the ephemera of history; they pass across its stage like fireflies, hardly glimpsed

    Issue #46 April 2015
  • Editor’s Note

    Readers:   March: month when “…even your good friends will turn into monsters.” A trenchant observation from one of my hometown’s illuminati: Hunter S. Thompson. And though he was speaking of March Madness avant le letter, and if one can give some legroom to that “good friends” and include the incorporeal companions of one’s reading, then perhaps I can return

    Issue #45 April 2015
  • Editor’s Note

    Readers: January: in Latin, as you know, Januraius, after Janus, god of beginnings (and by necessity endings) and transitions; the two-faced god – looking into the past and the future at once. And as I began this little note tonight, I thought I’d scratch out another of those dreadful reports in which the author, CEO-manque — reminds his audience of

    Issue #43 January 2015
  • Issue 9 Editor’s Note

    To our Readers:   Welcome to Issue #9 of Plume.   Briefly — comme d’habitude —-   In this issue, you will find a Plume first: the second of Dick Allen’s poems, “Zen Dictionary.” A third will follow next issue, along with a second poem from David Kirby. We were so taken with both poets’ submissions that we wanted to

    Issue #9 March 2012