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From the Plume Archive

  • safe / harbor / rehab

    you said your eyes
  • Gertrude Suite, [Mechthild Says God is a Bell] & Lazarus

    Semantic, in the way that interruption is semantic.
  • PROTECT YOUR HOME (Interpret It Well), a short film with music by Ches Smith

    The composition has two movements, one slow and one fast.

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“So many poets, so little time! I’ve come to rely on these inventive Plume anthologies, . . . the range of work is enormous. Many of these writers are completely new to me, and I doubt I’d ever have come across them otherwise. I find many of them to be truly original, . . . the work goes back to the origins of its perceptions, allowing us to see how a poem’s meaning comes into being. I look for that quality in poems, and find it here in abundance. This collection is like a big plate of irresistible hors d’oeuvres.” –Chase Twichell

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