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  • My Polish and Another Poem

    When I try to thank it, it shushes me. Then illuminates my way to the Exit.

    As grief begins taking up resi
  • I was trying to weigh darkness

    I was trying to weigh darkness how much does darkness weigh

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“None of us have been to a dinner party in over a year. True, you say, but what has this to do with Plume #9? In it you will find smart and sassy conversation, both heartbreaking and sidesplitting narratives, poems of deep engagement that will keep you rehashing them on your drive home. Each poet has bought a “plus one” for the host to get to know, though it’s quite possible you’ll recognize her from another party. The poems mingle and flirt, air kissing images that will make you giddy, make you feel less alone.” –Denise Duhamel

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